Hacker Kitchen Design

When thinking about a new kitchen, it’s always good to see the previous work that kitchen companies have done; furthermore viewing a range of styles, worktops, and colours can really help to visualise what would look great in your home, and visualise your new kitchen. This Hacker kitchen is fitted with premium Silestone worktops and Siemens appliances. Kitchens no longer come in one colour - two-tone kitchens are very popular and allow hundreds of possible combinations to create the look that you want to achieve.


Hacker kitchens are the heart of your home and the meeting place for all forms of enjoyment and life. This means that the standards need to be high and your kitchen must be hard-wearing and last a long time while not losing functionality over time. Hacker Kitchens exclusively use high-quality materials and only the best craftsmanship. Their kitchen systems have a sophisticated appearance and top-quality workmanship that come together in a natural way and make your cooking and entertainment space more pleasurable.


Hacker Kitchens are aesthetically and design orientated to sit in the modern style. This creates a clean and functional appearance in their cabinets and the forefront of this is fronts that loosen up the overall appearance. Their wide range of colour variations gives the choice to make your kitchen your very own to match your personality.


Hacker Kitchens believe that the essentials should be invisible. Their simple clarity comes from paring down their kitchens to express more straight lines that leads to a reduction down to the essentials with precision. Hacker’s kitchens often have plain, generously designed fronts made from elegant materials that are combined with innovative technology. These motifs are the trademark of contemporary kitchen design and allow you to facilitate better design.

Modern Country

The country style projects warmth and comfort more than any other style of interior design and create a heart-lifting ambience. Hacker Kitchens can help you create this feeling with high-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. This includes loving details such as shelves and utensil boxes, wall units with plate racks and columns that emulate the peace and comfort from the idealised rural life. Hacker Kitchens provides a new interpretation of old values, blending the human touch with modern technology in perfect harmony.


Hacker Kitchens has developed the innovative SlightLift wall unit system that is designed to impress with its unusual appearance and this is combined with atmospheric lighting technology. It can be used as closed wall unit or be left open to create a decorative shelf which draws your eye. The word creation SlightLift is a combination of the words “Slide“, “Light“ and “Lift“ and describes the essential wall unit features: sliders, flaps and intelligent lighting control.

Glass Roller Shutter

Hacker Kitchens has also developed the glass roller shutter which adds an eye-catching detai to any modern kitchen. It has an electrified glass shutter that ensures that the opening and closing will be ever so quiet and is controlled by an invisible touch switch. It is also available in a manual version that has an integrated brushed steel handle and ball-bearing that guides the roller and ensures its operation is smooth and stable. The integrated glass cover creates a harmonious and high-quality overall appearance.


The kitchen is not only a place to cook and entertain but also a space for you to work in. As you will be aware from spending lots of time in a kitchen, you need everything to be in easy reach and have its own place. This is why Hacker Kitchens are designed for order, clarity and ergonomics which comes with clever innovations for even the smallest of kitchen details to help make working in your kitchen stress-free.

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